Coatings for Solar Panels

Coatings for Solar Panels

Carla Dawson |

The world of coatings for solar panels is vast and knowing when to apply each type of coating is critical in helping you achieve your desired goal. Not all coatings for solar panels are the same. 

The ABC's of Coatings for Solar Panels

Nano-coatings have different compositions and these compositions bring different kinds of value. Not all coatings are the same. 

Nano-coating compositions are primarily divided into 2 buckets.

  1. Polymer
  2. Ceramic
Coatings for Solar Panels can then be divided into the following buckets
  1. Hydrophobic
  2. Hydrophilic
  3. Super Hydrophilic

What value do coatings bring to solar panels?

Anti-reflective properties

  • The application of anti-reflective coatings improves the performance of a solar panel because more light is absorbed. Anti-reflective coatings typically improve performance by 3-4%

PV Self - Cleaning Coatings

  • These coatings protect the anti-reflective coating layer and actively reduce dirt build up hence the term "Self Cleaning". These coatings are photocatalytic and actively reduce dirt buildup by using the sun's energy. They reduce cleaning frequency and the degradation of anti-reflective coatings.

Protective Coatings

  • These coatings increase the hardness of the surface by applying a layer of harder material to the substrate that is less than 100 nanometers thick. The application on solar panels is ideal in areas where their is hail.

Easy Cleaning Coatings

  • The application of easy cleaning coatings to solar panels reduces the cementation process between dirt and glass surface making the solar panels easy to clean. While similar to photocatalytic ceramic coatings they are not the same. Photocatalytic coatings for solar panels are activate by the sun and reject dirt buildup actively.

Photocatalytic Ceramic Coatings In Action

Anti-reflective Coatings

Why is the protection of anti-reflective coatings so important? If you compare PV soiling rates and the performance boost by anti-reflective coatings, you will find that ARC coatings bring a lot of value to the average solar installation. The cleaning of solar panels should be done without damaging these coatings. The standard bristle of a solar panel cleaning equipment will degrade ARC coatings significantly. 

Daily PV Soiling Rates Around the World

 PV Self Cleaning Coatings are known as a preventative PV Soiling solution.


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