Lift & Shift Solar Panel Cleaning Systems

Lift & Shift Solar Panel Cleaning Systems

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Our lift and shift solar panel cleaning equipment is ideal for commercial, industrial, and utility-scale solar installations. Our machines come with a high-quality simple mechanical design that makes them reliable and easy to maintain. Applicable to any commercial solar installation design, these machines are a great "one size fits all solution". 

Applicable to the following solar installation types.

Rooftop Solar Installations

  • Fixed-tilt on flat roof
  • An inclined rooftop covered with solar panels
  • Carports
  • Fixed-tilt on a curved roof
  • Earth-mounts
  • East West on a flat roof

Ground Mount Installations

  • Fixed-tilt
  • Single Axis tracker
  • Dual Axis Tracker
  • East West
  • Earth Mounts

Floating Solar Installations

  • Fixed-tilt
  • East-west
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