Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment Store

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment Store is the first solar panel cleaning equipment store in the USA dedicated to providing the most complete range of quality solutions for the industry. The store covers all the equipment you need for the residential, commercial and utility-scale segments.  The adoption of solar energy by Americans is growing at double digit rates and so is the need for solar panel cleaning. 

Our Story

SPCF was founded in 2023 by Chris Virgin a solar panel cleaner from San Diego, California and the creator of the most successful solar panel cleaning media company known as Solar Panel Cleaning Friends. Chris is passionate about the industry and saw a need for offering the best assortment of quality solar panel cleaning equipment for the American cleaners. Chris later teamed up with Carla Dawson a PV Soiling Engineer and the founder of the first accredited solar panel cleaning safety school in the USA. Carla is a worldwide speaker on the topic of solar panel cleaning and advises director's of operation and maintenance and much more. Carla's passion lies primarily in the commercial and utility scale segments while Chris leads the arena in the residential and commercial space. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to the best source of information for the solar panel cleaning industry. 

Our Vision

Solar panel cleaning is a new industry worldwide since solar is only about 30 years old. As the world races to net zero, the adoption of solar grows and so does the need for cleaning solar panels. SPCF is at the forefront of all things in solar panel equipment and brings their knowledge know how to solar panel cleaners in the USA. 

International Growth

SPCF is growing beyond the USA and we soon setting up schools and stores in Brazil, Eastern Europe and Australia. If you are interested in joining our expansion, please feel free to reach out to us. 

What is the Best Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment?

This is a question we get asked a lot and our response is "Can we see pictures of your solar panel cleaning jobsites?" The best solar panel cleaning equipment is the one that is safe and helps you clean your jobsites effectively. Since solar installations are so varied and unique, the best equipment is specific to your solar installation and labor type. 

 We look forward to helping you with each of your solar panel cleaning challenges!