Semi-Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Systems

Semi-Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Systems

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Semi-automated solar panel cleaning systems include solar panel cleaning robots that need assistance from a technician, tractor brush systems with multiple sensors, and other equipment. They also include photocatalytic ceramic coatings that need occasional watering.

Equipment and solutions in this category typically come with sensors that reduce the need for technician effort and automate some of tasks in solar panel cleaning. For example, our tractor brush solar panel cleaning systems come with sensors that avoid damaging the panels. Our solar panel cleaning robots may include edge-detection sensors that identify when the robot has come to the end of an array or gap and stop the machine automatically. 

Semi-Automated features

  • Edge detection sensors
  • Float system that enables the brush to keep a constant yet limited pressure on the panels, resulting in damage-free operation.
  • Cruise control

Learn more about semi-automation in solar panel cleaning at our NABCEP accredited school

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