2 - Solar Panel Cleaning Systems - Areas with some Humidity

2 - Solar Panel Cleaning Systems - Areas with some Humidity

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Solar Panel Cleaning Systems - Areas with some Humidity

The solar panel cleaning world is divided into two 2 main categories. Places where cementation levels are high due to humidity in the environment and places where cementation levels are low or non-existent due to an arid environment. This section contains all the solutions and solar panel cleaning equipment that are ideal for places where humidity is present. The grey areas in the image show the “Areas with Humidity” and the red and pink areas are for the dry cleaning solutions and equipment section. 

How does the “Solar panel cleaning equipment” world vary from humid areas to dry areas? 

In areas where there is humidity, cementation levels are high and the challenge of cleaning the solar panels without damaging the anti-reflective coatings is high. As “solar panel cleaners”, we have to gently get the dirt off the panels otherwise permanent damage to the panels is created. Anti-reflective coatings produce a 3-4% daily boost and they are easily damaged by abrasive brushes. There are several ways to do this including “PV soiling preventative systems” like photocatalytic ceramic coatings or “PV soiling corrective systems” which are usually machines with brushes that have different levels of automation. Ideally, these brush-based systems are using soft bristles. 

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