Electrodynamic Screen (EDS™)

Electrodynamic Screen (EDS™) is a disruptive technology that is displacing the need for traditional and robotic solar panel cleaning solutions. This water free automated solar panel cleaning solution prevents dirt build up by stopping the cementation process and by moving the dirt of the solar panels. Electrodynamic Screen (EDS™) technology is a powerful way to solve the PV soiling problem. It is 100% environmentally friendly and automated. No need for solar panel cleaning robots or "cleaning systems". 

The EDS™ consists of rows of interdigitated, parallel electrodes that charge dust particles with static electricity and sweep them off the surface by a generated traveling electric wave, all while drawing negligible power from the solar power itself.

The technology is novel, but the ingredients are simple.

​And the product is flexible, literally:

Solar Panel Cleaning Systems can be divided into 2 main buckets

  1. Preventative Dirt Build Up - Preventative systems generally reduce or prevent the cementation process from happening and stop the adhesion of dirt to the solar panel's surface. Preventative systems include 1) Photocatalytic ceramic coatings 2) EDS 3) Combination of both 


  2. Correctional - Solar Panel Cleaning - Correctional solar panel cleaning systems wait for dirt build up to be significant and then solve the problem by removing the dirt through a brush based cleaning process.