Non-Conductive Water Fed Poles

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While carbon fiber poles are great for window cleaning they are highly risky in the solar panel cleaning business. Solar installations reach very high voltage levels and the risk of being electrocuted while cleaning is real. Common myths associated with solar panel cleaning include

  • Shutting off the system reduces the risk of electrocution. Solar panels still conduct electricity even if the power is shut off. Turning the systems off may damage the system the system overall and void inverter warranties.
  • Carbon fiber poles are non-conductive. This is completely false. The only way to know if a pole is non-conductive is to have it tested. Most carbon fiber poles are conductive
  • I don't need to wear dielectric PPE. This is completely false. Solar panel cleaners should wear dielectric boots and gloves and non-conductive harnesses. 
  • Bucket trucks made with fiberglass do not diminish the risk of electrocution. This is a false statement. Bucket trucks with fiberglass standing areas are ideal for solar panel cleaning
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